Corporate Initiatives

AHP Group was founded with one objective; to provide a single source for Quality Management and consistent construction of Unique Product Platforms for the institutional healthcare market.


Niche Product Sales

Provided through partnership with AHP offer a powerful resource at your reach with our exclusive line of products; including diabetic products, arm slings, unit dose medication, and oral syringes, all at competitive pricing.

Unit Dose Product & Packaging

Provides you access to the products already available in unit-dose packaging and helps you define a successful in-house or outsourcing unit-dose packaging model to meet Bar-Coded Medication Administration (BCMA) initiatives.

Packaging Equipment Solutions

    Provides you guidance as to what packaging equipment is available to meet your bar-coded, unit-dose packaging needs, including FDA and DEA certified packaging centers whose primary objective is to assist institutional healthcare facilities.

Supply Chain Management & Distribution

  • Helps improve the efficiency and quality of product delivery, eliminate waste from supply chain and environment, stabilize delivery lead times and reduce total operating costs.

Business Development Consulting & Analysis

    Helps companies reduce logistics costs at the same time, improving customer service, building a stable and scalable platform using outsourced services.